Donate A Bike


There are so many old bikes in the back of sheds and garages that can be brought back into use. Too good to throw out but no longer of use to the owner. We would ask that you consider donating that bike to us to use in the project or pass on for someone else to enjoy. We will happily collect your old bike, from anywhere in the county.

To date we have recycled and refurbished around 2500 bikes. Most of those bikes came to us as donations from local people.

Below you can see an old Raleigh we rescued from a local recycling centre. Before and after shots.

Just goes to show what can be done. We love the old racers, and it is important to keep bikes which form part of our heritage in use for the next generation. Rudge, Carlton, Raleigh, Hercules, Triumph, BSA, Holdsworth, Mercian, Bob Jackson to name but a few. We have a strong heritage of building the best bike frames and it's a pleasure for us to be able to help keep some of them on the road. We love working on them and passing them on to people who will love them as much as we do.We are a proudly non profit organisation, and we can only do what we do if people choose to donate their unwanted bikes to us.











Luckily there are many people want to do some good in their community rather than make a few quid on ebay. We have a shortage of bikes and especially good quality bikes. So if you have a bike that you no longer use, please consider donating it to the project. We will come and collect it and use it in our workshops.

The bikes are used in a number ways. The best bikes are sold to fund our work with vulnerable young people. Others are used in these workshops where young people or vulnerable adults get a bike to refurbish and keep as a means of transport and freedom.

They also help us refurbish bikes which we then donate in the community. We have donated a lot of bikes over th eyears, such as the bik ewe built for a lovely woman who does a lot of cycling to raise money for cancer research. Sadly she had her bike stolen here in Gloucester, so we decided to build her a bike so that she can continue to support the charities she believes in.

We always need bikes for our workshops and bikes that we can refurbish and sell to fund our work.

So if you have a bike sitting gathering dust in the back of your shed or garage that needs a little love and attention give us a call. We do accept childrens bikes, but they do need to be in good condition.

We also accept parts for re-use, so maybe you’ve stripped some bits off your bike that you no longer need – don’t let them go to waste, donate them to the project.

Ideally bikes are dropped off at our Commercial Road workshop as we only have a part tme driver but we understand that not everyone will be able to get to one of our sites, so if you can’t get it to us we will try to come and get it from you – we organise pick- ups every week, so if you have a bike that you’d like to see go to a good home please give us a call on 01452 690979.


We also buy some brands of bikes, Scott, Ridgeback, Marin, Specialized, Gary Fisher, Claud Butler, Felt, Cube, Orbea etc, as well as good quality components. We understand that when you want to upgrade your bike sometimes you need to sell your old bike to be able to do so, so we offer a fair price that allows us to refurbish your bike and use the funds to help keep the project going.

If you have a bike that you are considering selling and would like it also to do some good, please do get in touch.

Call Matt on 07784 850373 or 01452 690979 or email and we will arrange a viewing of your bike.