Dr Bike Events




Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular  mode of every day transport. What could be more natural than getting your exersize for the day by cycling to work?

Cycling to work is the perfect way to get a bit fitter, save a few ££s and lose a few lbs.

Most companies understand the benefits of having a fit and healthy workforce. One way to promote this is to encourage cycling to work. Providing showers and changing rooms shows a companies committment to cycling to work.

Another way to promote cycling to work is to stage a Doctor Bike session. At Gloucestershire Bike Project  we offer these session at any site across the county.




You book a date and time and our fully Cytech trained mechanic and an assistant mechanic will come  to your venue. All we need is a space big enough for our gazeboo, mobile bike repair station and bike stands, we can work indoors or out. We bring all the bike stands, tools and equipment and spare parts needed to make the day a success. Your employees just turn up with their bikes and we do the rest. Bike marking using the police preferred Bike Register kits is also available at an additional cost of £100 for up to 20 bikes. Theses kits costs over £20 each to buy so this is a significant saving.


On the day our mechanics will do a safety check on each bike, and carry out basic repairs on the spot, such as changing brake blocks and cables, making adjustments to gears and brakes etc. We will also give advice on bike maintenance and provide information about all things bike.


Any more serious and time consuming repairs that are needed, or that will be needed in the near future will be diagnosed and a written diagnostic given which can be taken to any repair shop or to our Gloucester based workshop.


Doctor Bike Sessions can be booked as a one off, or we can book a series of sessions to run throughout the year or closely together as part of a ‘BIKE TO WORK’ campaign. If you book multiple sessions you get a discount.




 The cost for Dr Bike is £500,  you get our mechanics at your event for up to 5 hours. Also included are cables, and brake pads for any bikes that would benefit from having these replaced.

When booking 5 sessions, they can be staged for £2250, a saving of £250. These sessions can be timed to run throughout the year at your convenience and across multiple sites if required.

There is also the option to hire our pedal powered smoothie bike for your event. The smoothie bike, ingredients for the smoothies and a member of our team to man the smoothie bike costs £350.


All proceeds from our Doctor Bike sessions are reinvested in the project and go towards funding our community activities, free bike building workshops for vulnerable young people and developing new projects and initiatives.


To book a session or a series of sessions, or to discuss other ways which your organisation can promote cycling, call our project co-ordinator - Maureen on 01452 690979 / 07587 191343

Or email: maureen@gloucestershirebikeproject.co.uk