The project works because of our volunteers. Volunteers make it happen.

We always need volunteers with experience in bike repair and maintenance. But experience is not essential, a keen interest in bikes or cycling helps.

Also, tinkerers... people who like to take things apart and put them back together. If that's you and you would like to get involved give us a call and come and have a try out day with our workshop manager.

Maybe you are retired, or semi retired and would like to give a day a week to help a community project, maybe you just want something different to do. Whatever reason you want to volunteer, give us a call.

We also have other volunteering roles and are always open to suggestions if you feel you have a skill you would like to share.

It's a nice project to be involved with, and we are sure you will learn something too, but don't take my word for it, come and get involved.


We do also work with volunteers with little or no experience but all these places are usually filled very quickly but we have a waiting list. It is still worth putting your name down as we sometimes run training workshoops where we recruit new volunteers.

If you do have experience and have some time to give, please ring Matt, founder and workshop mananger on 01452 690979 / 07784 850373 and we will arrange a day where you can come in and have a look around and we will take it from there.

Other Volunteering Opportunities:

We are looking for someone to help with fundraising. The ideal person would have experience of writing funding applications to trusts and foundations and would be happy to do research and bid writing. If you are interested in doing other admin duties too - we can certainly use your help.


Please call Maureen on 01452 690979 / 07587 191343 or email maureen@gloucestershirebikeproject.co.uk...