Young Peoples Project

4 years of running bike building projects for young people and they are still hugely popular.

We offer free workshops to young people who are interested in bikes come to us and with the help of Steve and Matt  learn the art and craft of bicycle maintenance and repair. 

Not only that, they also learn the principles or reuse in action- just because it's broken you don't have to throw it away- Fix It!

We run different youth projects throughout the year, including our workshops for disadvantaged young people. Young people can be referred to the project by social workers, schools or parents themselves who feel that their child needs a positive activity to be involved in. This may be because they suffer with low self esteem and are easily led and they get into trouble, because they are facing difficulties at home or for any number of reasons.

We also run workshops for schools and other community organisations who work with children and young people. Some kids struggle in mainstream settings, but give them a bike, a pedal spanner and some grease and they thrive. Everyone young person should be encouraged to see them selves as having skills and the ability to create a brigh future for themselves, and getting involved in an activity that makes you feel good can be the start of that.


Some of the young people we work with are quite disengaged, many struggle to fit in at school and find themselves getting into trouble with the police.

One of the main aims of the work we do is crime diversion, giving young people confidence in themselves and the belief that they too can find a place in the world and have fulfilling lives. Far too often young people find themselves defined by their problems and begin to think of themselves in those terms. We strive to help them see themselves in terms of their abilities and strengths and to understand that they can create bright futures for themselves if they put the effort in. Everyone has talents and gifts, some people just need a bit of extra help to believe this and support in uncovering their inert abilities.


 They are good kids, we have yet to have a problem with a single one. We know that it can be difficult for teachers to work with young people in a school environment where they feel frustrated, our experience of these young people is very different. They are always on time, well behaved and keen to learn. We are proud of all of them.

We have been fortunate over the past few years and have been supported in our youth work and our work in general by a number of funders, including The High Sheriff of Gloucestershire, Ecclesaitical, Zurich, Gloucester City Council, The Hilden Charitable Fund, Harold Hyam Wingate, The Hitchins Family Trust and Gloucestershire Community Foundation, The Summerfield Charitable Trust and Sun Life Financial.